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In Vegan Veritas

From Latin: in (“in”) + vegan + vēritās (“truth”). Thus, “in vegan, there is truth”

Lisa The Vegetarian

LA Vegan Donut Tour

What is a Donut Tour??

We’ve teamed up with VegOutLA to bring you a stacked Vegan Donut Tour of LA, kinda like a music tour, just with donut shops instead of venues. Step 1: Pick up an exclusive Vegan Donut Tour t-shirt, complete with each stop on the run. Step 2: Hop on a scooter, call up an Uber, or strap on your Balenciaga running shoes and get busy touring the city in search of your favorite vegan donut! Step 3: No more steps! We dough-not wanna make you wait any longer.

Donuts—deep-fried sugary dough coated with crystalline glaze, dunked in vibrant frostings, and sprinkled with … you guessed it, sprinkles. LA produces some of the country’s finest, softest, and fluffiest dough rings, many of which are vegan. How do they do this? Where do they do this? Well, go to VegOutLA to read on dough-nnoisseurs!